Meet Amanda


Being soulfully minded has been part of me. I have been driven by this soul of mine. Always searching, seeking, wanting to learn more, and allowing experiences change the shape of who I am. This soul has pushed me to step outside of constructs that no longer worked for me and into finding my own light and living authenticly.

I love learning and growing and having experiences that expand the mind and soul. I have studied Shamanism, Reiki, Wicca, Christianity and find that daily meditation and connection is vital. That and Coffee!


One thing that I have felt has been an impact not only in my business but in life, is really having perspective. When we have perspective and can look outside ourselves, it’s so much easier to understand where a person is coming from. When we see this, emotions get easily diffused and conversations can get much better. Seeing the other person perspective has been an important tool in my life.” Amanda believes that this is an important part of being mindful. As we consciously chose to do this, while still holding onto our boundaries, we step outside ourselves and operate from a place of love which I find is at the core of everything.


Being powerful is something that causes fear for a lot of people. Hearing someone say be powerful, or be a powerful woman, can either make you stand taller or make you shrink. Why is this?  I feel that the more we support and embrace each other, especially women, the more we allow for others to shine while we shine. Every single one of us has that soul part of us that either whisper to us or shouts at us! Following this, following those things that bring us joy and fulfillment in our lives (whatever that looks like) can bring such an immense sense of freedom. Let’s support each other in what drives us, what fuels us. Let’s embrace those parts of us and stand tall in it. Be a light to others, so they can shine just as bright or brighter. Seeing someone else succeed does not mean you cannot have the same, you CAN and it can be better! This world is an abundant universe and YOU are a creator.

My intention has been through my business, Amanda Joy & Co, to help create a community of women that are powerful, supportive of each other, that are beautiful and strong! This is happening now and I cannot be more thrilled and excited. We are creating a self-love movement!

Amanda Loveland has owned Amanda Joy & Co (formerly modbod) since 2008. Throughout the past decade she’s focused on building the company with positive connections and the empowerment of not only her employees, but all customers. Her philosophy is to encourage, support, and empower one another in recognizing and embracing their own individuality, beauty, and unique gifts to this world.

Her vision has always been to create a cohesive business that goes well beyond profitability and success; however, is driven by positive interactions, connections, simplicity, happiness, and cultivates a community of being apart of something more…something bigger than any one person. Although this out of the box approach has helped Amanda Joy & Co to grow into a globally recognized company, Amanda attributes her late father with instilling the greatest inspiration for her entrepreneurial propensity. Amanda knows firsthand how passion coupled with intuition can grow a business. “I truly believe this is an age where women can be fully appreciated and take an equal place as intuitive visionaries in the new entrepreneurial economy.”

One of her greatest talents is uniting people from varied perspectives and differing backgrounds under a common goal. Her intrinsic capacity to find common ground has, on more than one occasion revealed new opportunities for collaboration, expansion, and success. Many of her employees credit her straightforward, honest—yet positive—approach as the greatest reason for joining the Amanda Joy & Co family.

Amanda invites and challenges those within the Amanda Joy & Co community to push themselves and explore something they’ve never tried; to not be afraid of stepping outside of their comfort zone and taking a risk. It is this sensibility that has led her to merge life-enhancing fabric with infused wisdom and intent. And, it’s no wonder that her inimitable contribution is creating versatile, functional, and fabulous clothing with a purpose.

Her passion is to help women embrace themselves through positive thinking and cultivating self love. She has created a self-love movement through clothing!

Whatever you choose to do in life, do it with intention and with love. Know that you are supported on your journey in every decision you make, good or bad. Each expereince molding us into the person we are today.


When not engaged in the daily facets of Amanda Joy & Co, Amanda loves spending time with her husband and their combined seven children. Although some weekends are a bit crazy with children’s sports and activities, spending time together is always a priority and cherished. Family RV road trips, traveling, and making lifelong memories together are extremely important to her. As Amanda states, “my life is crazy and it’s not perfect, it’s a beautiful mess. I love what I do on all aspects and really enjoy being a mom, a businesswoman, connecting with others, and being the most imactful person I can be, I love what I do.”