“Through my journey of being a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, connecting and empowering others, and being the most impactful leader I can be I have learned a few things along the way. My intention is to serve you in some way through my stories and the tools I have learned. I have felt a calling for years to better the world in some way. My hope is that I can help to illuminate some additional light to you so that you can step more fully into knowing who you are. You are a bright light! The world needs YOU!”

Is Love a Choice?

When I speak to youth groups one of the things I say often is, “It is great to have goals and aspirations in your life but also be open to change. DonR...

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Perceived Perfection

Perfection. We are told, in general, not to expect perfection. If someone promises it they’re either selling something or deluding themselves. We conflate ide...

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Identity, Closing Doors

During a dinner meeting I attended a few months ago the discussion was around AI and the challenges that this will present in the future to our jobs and the ind...

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Be a light
Today I will find joy